About us

About us

Welcome to Power Contracts Ltd

  • Who are we ?
  • What do we do ?
  • How can you benefit from our services ?
  • What can I do on this site ?

Who Are We ?

We are a Information Security (INFOSEC) company that carries contracts for and behalf of Businesses and organisations that seek to protect their infrastructure.

What do we do ?

We provide the platform for the implementation of processes to the ISO 207001. We are able to provide human resources for projects either undertaken directly by us or brought to us by prospective “Contractors” and “Sub Contractors”

We arrange the strata of layers required for a project to be undertaken through the skill sets of our chosen staff whether management or team members.

How Can you benefit from our services ?

As a Primary “Contractor” or Sub “Contractor” looking for workers ;

Once registered you can post, for a small fee, jobs you have available for vacancies on your projects. These can be fixed salaried postings or subject to bids. This is great in the case where you are yourself looking for a subcontractor as opposed to potential employees. This gives you the opportunity to control the labour arrangement of your project and build in an element of timed supply to funding requirements. You can manage your own account giving you full control, flexibility and updates when ever you want. Regardless, you can post for apprentices and long term employees.

As a “Contractor” “Sub Contractor” or employee looking for work

At no cost and entirely free !!! You can search all work posted whether fixed Priced or Bidding. But once registered, you will have your own account. This gives you the flexibility to control your requirement and automatically update you when updates are available